A3 GM Tool

This is a GM tool I developed for editing characters and mercenaries.

You can download it from


Check hashes before installing!!!!

General Information

a) Character editing , stats, shues, inventory, wear items, skills

b) Itemsdb.txt , this is a CSV file to hold item codes and descriptions which are used inside the tool to display item description for inventory & wearing items.
(If anyone updates this file with known item codes pls share it)

c) specials.txt
another csv file in which you can store your frequently used item codes e.g. G10 sets, RN, Lartek etc. You can copy paste these codes to inventory or wear.

d) shues.ini
Self explanatory

e) Orphan chars detection
Detects chars that their corresponding account was deleted or renamed.

f) New account creation

    • NOTICE**
      Right click on Charname when in list window. You will get 2 options, one is new charedit and 2nd is the old m_body editor.


Config.ini file


Set the ODBC_DSN parameter to the corresponding ODBC entry which points to your charac0 table (ASD I suppose). Program can be installed on your server or any other PC that has access to your SQL Server.


Set the MERC_DSN to the correcponding ODBC entry which points to your mercenary DB.

Username & Password are ..... obvious!

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