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Okey at last the wait is over. Now all can have their own episode 5 server of A3.
The Guide is more or less same as that of episode 3 server with almost no change provided you use the files given by me in my post.

OK lets start with the first step to host an a3 server ..
but first of all .. this guide is for one who is setting up the server for the first time so u have to compromise with some facts to get 100% success.. (eg the pass used) u can change it later.
u need some files ... Visit http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/

first of all install sql 2000 & its service pack...
i m trying to explain the process in brief..
double click the sql 2000 setup file(SQLEVAL.exe)
extract it to c:\ or whatever location u want...
then go to the location & double click the setup.exe
press next> next> next>
then put the name as "sa" (without ")..
next> yes> next> next> next>
select the "use the local system account"..
select the mixed mode & put password as ley (u can choose any other password too but u have to change some file`s content if u choose other password..so i recommend u to choose this password for the first time & after u become an expert use ur own password)
next> next>Finish.
now double click the   sql 2000 service pack3 & just click next next (don't change any selection)..
now restart ur computer once..

second step is to place the server files to the correct place

extract the a3server files to d:\

be sure that the location must be as d:\a3server\.....   not d:\a3server\a3server\...
the password for these server files is sunrise

now extract the files provided in the folder named C to put in C drive (obviously extract it to c:\)
then go to C:\clan & double click on the mkdir.exe

now go to start>program files>Microsoft SQL server>Service Manager
& click start server..
be sure to remember the server name there coz u ll need the name later..
now go to start>all programs>Microsoft SQL Server>Enterprise Manager
now go to microsoft SQL Servers>SQL server group>(local)(Windows NT)>Databases
now u have to create some new databases here by going to action>new database..

after making these all databases u have to restore some databases by this process
Go to Tools>Restore Database
select A3ItemEvent
choose "from devices" option
click on select devices
click add
click "..."
provide the location d:\A3server\db\A3ItemEvent
now press OK OK OK OK
now u have to do the same process with all these databases
1.A3ItemEvent     (done)

now go to security tab (found in left hand side)
press Action>New Login
this is the process where many do a mistake ..... do this process carefully]
name  = a3serial
Password = dkdlxpawprhdnpc
Database = A3ItemEvent
select the database access tab & tick the a3ItemEvent, then tick the db_owner
& press OK
it will ask for the password again put dkdlxpawprhdnpc & press OK
(some times it gives an error "Login serial already exists" .. if u too get this error message then go to Databases>A3itemEvent>users & delete the a3serial there... then again do the process mentioned above)
the next step is ODBC
go to start>control panel>administrative tools>Data Sources (ODBC)>System DSN
now press add
select sql server.. press Finish.
now put
name = A3ItemEvent
server = {your server name}      (the name i told to remember previously.. if u forgot then go to start>program files>Microsoft SQL server>Service Manager
& click start server ... u ll see the server name there)
now press next
now it will show 2 options there .. select the second option & put
Login ID : sa
Password : ley
now press next
select change database to .. & select A3ItemEvent there
now press next... finish .. OK
u have to do this same process with some more databases too

here is the list

A3Friend = FriendDB
A3RcvResult = A3ItemEvent
A3SerialList = A3ItemEvent
EventA3 = ASD
FriendDB = FriendDB
LocalServer = ASD
Login202 = ASD

the next process is to make a .reg file..
a .reg file is already given in the serverfiles in the folder named important files & shortcuts
if its there then just double click on it & press yes yes
or if u r using any otherserver files then u have to make a .reg file by the following process
first of all copy the text which i m giving below

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00












"LocalServer"="SQL Server"
"A3RcvResult"="SQL Server"
"A3SerialList"="SQL Server"
"FriendDB"="SQL Server"
"NEWASD"="SQL Server"
"Login202"="SQL Server"
"EventA3"="SQL Server"
"A3Friend"="SQL Server"
"HSDB"="SQL Server"

"DefaultDSNDir"="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\ODBC\\Data Sources"

now go to start>run
type notepad
press enter
now paste the text in it & save it on the desktop by putting its name as ODBC.reg
now go to your desktop & just double click on the ODBC.reg file... press yes OK ..
& u r almost done

the server is now ready to run....
but its only for ur own PC... if u want it to run on LAN then u have to change some .ini files...
Put ur LAN or wan ip in place of in these places


;//GameServer Θ―°ζ Ί―Όφ Ό³Α¤ ΖΔΐΟ


   HighVersion = 300   ;//CurrVersion <= HighVersion
   LowVersion = 136   ;//CurrVersion > LowVersion

[LoginAgent]    ;//tcp

   PORT = 3550






be sure .. don't change any other ip instead of above mentioned 3 ips...

1 more thing u have to edit some .ini files to make ur char a GM char...
first go to D:\a3server\Battleserver\Gminfo.ini & delete hawkiii & put ur Id(i ll tell later that how to make id.. so just put the id u wanna create for ur char) 

do the same in D:\a3server\Mainserver\Gminfo.ini & D:\a3server\Zoneserver\Gminfo.ini & D:\a3server\accountserver\Gminfo.ini

your server is ready to run...

but first u have to make ur id
there is a tool named a3acc.dat in the important files & shortcuts folder.. just put the id , press enter then put pass , again enter, enter , enter
this will make a new notepad in the same folder named a3acc.txt
open the a3acc.txt & copy the text.... for those who don't have the a3acc.dat tool i m giving u a text
put id in place of xxx & password in place of yyy

INSERT  INTO account (c_id, c_sheadera, c_sheaderb, c_sheaderc, c_headera, c_headerb, c_headerc, d_cdate, c_status, m_body) VALUES ('xxx','yyy','yyy','yyy','yyy','yyy','yyy','1/1/2003 12:00:00','A','yyy')

copy this full text & go to start>all programs>Microsoft SQL Server>Query Analyzer
put ur server name
Login ID : sa
Password : ley
change the master to ASD on the toolbar on the top of the window
now paste the copied text in the notepad provided there
then press ctrl+f5 then press f5
your account is created
create some accounts for ur friends too

OK .................
now time to start the server

Bute before running server, install Borland Database Engine provided in folder "bde".

Now run the exe in following order
1: D:\a3server\0DB_PORT\7770\asd_mw_v1.3.21a  Similarly do it in 8880 & 9990 folders
2: D:\a3server\1LoginServer\newLoginServer
3: D:\a3server\2Loginagent\enLoginAgentr (Wait until you get run OK message else run it again)
4: D:\a3server\3Zoneagent\EnZa_v2.0.16a
5: D:\a3server\4mainserver\MainServer.exe
6: D:\a3server\6accountserver\AccountServer.exe
7: D:\a3server\7Zoneserver\Zoneserver.exe(24.7mb)
8: D:\a3server\8BattleServer\BattleServer.exe
9: D:\a3server\9new\CenterServer.exe
10: D:\a3server\5A3_Util\MWCLDB.exe

Note: Zoneserver always takes time to run. So after clicking zoneserver.exe, leave your pc as it is and wait for zoeserver to run. It may take 2-5 minutes to run.

last process is to hex ur ARA3`s A3client ip to your ip or if u wanna play it alone in ur PC (remember, use the ip u used earlier i.e.if u used ur wan ip then put ur wan ip & if u used then use this one only)
hope u know how to hex A3client`s ip....
I am providing a3client.exe hexed to . you can use that a3client.

thanx to Legendary , Akaruz and all.....
special thanx to my friend Ravi (charlie_ravi)
This guide was released by above mentioned people. I have slightly modified it for epi 5 server.

Basic Guide was made by ProtBhai aka protisback aka pritam (http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Profile?uid=8309609500517259849)