A3 mmorpg Wiki

Add items to shops

Codes of
LMS - 7171
Sou - 9695
Grace - 9586
Opal - 8416
Garnet - 8415
Peridot - 8417

Use shop editor,
convert the file to excel
Open excel file
1000 in the 3rd Co;lumn is Kardu
1001 is Yarmo
2nd column specifies their NPC page.
3 means the page where u get those townportals ect
add one row any where in between those range where u have 3 as page and 1000 as npc ID
then add
'7171 - 1st column
'3 - 2nd coulmn
'1000 - 3nd column

save the file
convert it back to .ull using the software..

Server Side:-
Goto Zonedata/Shop folder
open 1000.txt
add all the codes of item there
save and exit

This will give ur items in Kadru
if u want to do same for yarmo, just do it in place of 1001 Id

HAve fun


Add Unique items to shops (like grace)

Grace is in list of uniq item file in ZOneserver folder...
remove it from that file and restart server
u can buy unlimited grace
Filename : UniqueItem.ini

in that find code 9586
erase it from there safe file and restart server and try

Removing bugs (no *&^% idea what this is)

Open Command Prompt and go to the folder you have your A3ull.exe conv in and type the following. You will have to place the file you want to convert in the same folder.

ENCODE: a3ull.exe /e <originalfilename.ext> <newfilename.ext>
DECODE: a3ull.exe /d <originalfilename.ext> <newfilename.ext>

originalfilename = file that you want to convert.
newfilename = file that you want to rename it to
ext = extension of the file.

a3ull.exe /d WL.ull WL.bin - will convert the ULL file to BIN
a3ull.exe /e MC.bin MC.ull - will convert the BIN file to ULL