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Codes For Unique Sets Is from 3757 till 3810 smthing. But these do not have all unique sets i.e all g8 nd g9 unique sets of all classes.

So if anyone have all codes or find the codes after setting his/her server then do share please.

Also please share if you find and glitches or you are able to correct anything or nything constructive.

Codes for Unique Skill Scrolls 10801 + 10880 +. Unique skill Scroll codes are not in continuation. There are few scrolls near 10801 nd other are near 10880. So try all codes from 10801 to 10999 and most probably you will get all unique skill scrolls.

Item Slotting (Done through Episode 5 npc)

Codes For Gems 9834 to 9851

Yellow Gems can be used with Armor ---Gem Codes: 9834 to 9839 Red Gems can be Used with Unque Necklace --- Gem Codes: 9840 to 9845 Blue Gems can be used with Unique Rings --- Gem Codes: 9846 to 9851

Codes For Unique Necklace : 4156 to 4159 Codes For Unique Rings : 5184 to 5187

Codes For Items To be Used in Armory Slot : 9831, 9833, 9853, 9854

Codes For items to be used in Improve Set Slot: 9832 9852, 9855, any appropriate gem.

Now Coming to The Slotting Part Armory slot is for putting unique option to normal Armor part so that you can add other unique option to armor by using improve set slot(not the gloves,helmet, pants,shield or boots)

Now put the armor, unique ring or unique necklace in Improve set slot + 3 Items needed and the appropriate gem. It will give you a unique option.

NOTE:- There are total of 6 gems of each colour but you can use maximum 3 gems on 1 item only. All 6 gems can't be used used on single item.

credits: Ramankamboj http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/a3-219-server-files-episode-5-a-589125/#post5127018