A3 mmorpg Wiki

Required Items

Decision to Upgrade x 1

Decision to being Extreme x 1

Grade 8 Unique Weapons x 1 (Can be obtained from monsters

Sillbadu's Soul x 1 (Can be obtained from monsters)

Decision to upgrade


(Impossible to obtain from monsters)

Ur (1), Thorn (2), Ken (3) + Large Master Stone x 6 + Grade 9 Weapons x 1 [Possible to fail] [Item Destroyed]

Craft dtu.jpg

Decision to being Extreme

Decision extreme.jpg

(Impossible to obtain from monsters)

Aiigis x 1, Drapurr x 1, Kartas x 1, Kripis x 1, Sarghis x 1 (100% Success)

Dec extreme combo.jpg

And finally:

All items soul.jpg


G9uni final.jpg