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i gave G10 spear in Right and G9 uni sword with left..

I tried.. and got..
Just copy the HK sheild codes..(EX:232942;4294951418;136228;8)
this is a g10 hk sheild

u copy the codes of wat weapon u need to uquip
and just paste it out in first column...

Like if i need to give g9 uni sword means EX:1869 thisis the code of g9 uni sword...

see this carefully....(;4294951418;136228;8)
this is hk sheild stats
i just copyed the sword codes to the first column

(like this 1869;4294951418;136228;8)

You are done.....1869 is sword of warrior... and other codes are HK Stats.. u can play wid this

Credits: http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/dual-weild-685603/#post5846915