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GM Shouts

how to set thoese two files
1. count.ini

CNT=(the time of gap in seconds) for exaple
NAME= (user id of the gm account logged on) for exaple

2. msg_0.ini

A3GM=(User ID of GM ID logged on) for exaple

MESSAGE= (Custome Message) for exaple

NAME=(User Id of GM Id Logged on) for exaple

COLOR=#XXXXX (Color Code of the message) for exaple

Now you need to do the following. The ZoneServers that are given out with the server files are not customized with this folder and are highly bugged and you need to set this right.

You can do this in this way. In the ZoneServer, search for the executable location and then add in the following bytes - 00 04 00 00 C5 01 00 00 XX XX XX XX (length of the message).

Apart from this change the command line of the ZoneServer by 1. For eg, if its 20 make it 21. For eg. change it from 14 00 00 00 to 15 00 00 00

The information provided is untested!

chk this link for more info :)