A3 mmorpg Wiki

Credits for this info to: http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/a3-gm-guide-229879/


A3 comes with a standard GM player function just like any other mmorpgs.

In A3, a GM is defined through means of modifying the A3 GMInfo.ini files.


For one to become a GM in A3, first you need to;


1. Create an account


2. Create a character.


3. Modify the GMInfo.ini files, they can be found in Mainserver, Accountserver, Zoneserver and battleserver folders respectively.


The format of the file will look like this;








GMCount = The maximum number of GMs in the server. It must match exactly the amount of GMs otherwise some GMs may not have GM powers.


GMLevel_0=165 Just leave it at 165..


GMName_0= A common mistake made by some, you have to put in your USERNAME, NOT character name in it.


Once you have done the above, you only need to restart the server for changes to take effect. When logged on once again, your character will have GM status and powers.


To use GM commands, speak the command in Knighthood chat (Default G) and type in @ followed by the command.


A list of commands is listed here (Special thanks to iNs@nE)



@SQUEST_4_DISABLE - Disables Special Quest 1-4

@SQUEST_4_ENABLE - Enables Special Quest 1-4

@OXSWAP - Swaps the Question of OX Quiz Zone

@OXREVIVE - Revives the Player in OX Quiz Zone

@OXEND - Ends OX Session

@QEND - Close Down Questions in OX Quiz Zone

@OXCLOSE - Close Down OX Quiz Zone

@CUR_MAP - Gives Information About the Current Map


@TYR_WIN - Announce Winner for Tournament Mode

@TYR_END - End Tournament Mode

@TYR_CONTINUE - Continue Tournament Mode

@TYR_CANCEL - Pause Tournament Mode

@TYR_START - Start Tournament Mode

@TYR_STATE - State of Tournament Mode

@NEVIA_LIMIT - Restricts number of people in Nevia Canyon

@STAT - Gives information about the character

@NEVIA_REWARD - Rewards for Nevia War Winners

@NEVIA_START - Start Nevia War

@GOD - Invincible Mode

@GIFT - Gives Gift

@GMMONSTER - Enables Monster Mode

@QEXPEVENT - Doubles Quest Experience Event

@MAPLEVEL - Restricts Map Entry for players.

@NPCSET - Sets NPC Number for that map

@NPCSUMMON - Spawns a Mob of creatures



@RELOAD_TOWER - Restart Tower Event

@TMDAY_TW - Status of TM for Tomorrow

@TMDAY_TY - Status of TM for Today

@TM_OPTION - TM Options

@EVENT - Info about events in progress

@EXPEVENT - Double Experience event

@MONEYEVENT - Double Money Event

@TAPLIST - List of Tapped Players

@TAP - Taps the Chat of that player

@WSHOUT - Sends a shout in Grey

@HIDE - Invisible Mode

@SBAN - Bans Shout

@BAN - Bans Chat

@RECALL - Teleport a player to you

@SHOUT - Sends a shout

@GO - Teleports you to that map

@FOLLOW - Teleports you to that player

@WHERE - Current Co-ordinates

@INFO - ID and IP Address of the player

@RETURN - Returns player to town

@DROP - Kicks the player out of the server


Certain commands like those listed below, have to be done via the friend chat window. They will NOT WORK in Knighthood chat!


First, add yourself as a friend. Then chat with yourself, a dialog box should open. Like the normal commands, @ following by the following commands:




@HSVITAL - Increases Vitality of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSMAGIC - Increases Magic of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSMANA - Increases Mana of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSDEX - Increases Dexterity of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSSTR - Increases Strength of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSEXP - Increases Experience of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@HSLEVELUP - Increases Level of Mercenary (In Chat Mode)

@QUESTCOMP - Completes Current Quest (In Chat Mode)

@CLANID - Gives the ID of the Clan (In Chat Mode)

@DOUBLE - Toggles Double Item Event (In Chat Mode)

@TAXOFF - Stops Taxing (In Chat Mode)

@TAXON - Starts Taxing (In Chat Mode)

@SQRELOAD - Restarts the Special Quest

@MOB - How many monsters are there in that map? (In Chat Mode)

@SKILLMASTER - Resets Skills Information (In Chat Mode)

@PETLEVEL - Increases Pet Level (In Chat Mode)

@EXP - Gives Experience (In Chat Mode)

@MYLEVEL - Increases Level

@MONEY - Gives Money (In Chat Mode)

@BEGINNERSET - Gives G5 Set of All Types (In Chat Mode)

@ITEM - Gives Item (In Chat Mode)

@LORE - Gives Lore (In Chat Mode)

@VITAL - Gives Vitality (In Chat Mode)

@MANA - Gives Mana (In Chat Mode)

@MAGIC - Gives Magic (In Chat Mode)

@DEX - Gives Dexterity (In Chat Mode)

@STR - Gives Strength (In Chat Mode)

@HELP - How to type the Commands? (In Chat Mode)




then after chat with urself like this only..







EG. i wanna radyan neklesh then..



  how do you use @GIFT ?

@GIFT/6144 In the KH Chat gives you a UJ.


(For some reason @GIFT/4151 doesn’t give Redyan Necklace, so I suppose that gift only allows specific items to be gifted!)