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Legend 01

The night was cold. Redyan was crouched in a corner, shivering with cold. She was confused. Never in her life had she done anything wrong, yet the children mock her and call her the "doom shit." Her face was a mix of tears and the blood from her forehead. 

Her forehead was a mess from the stones that the children had thrown at her. Redyan managed to invite sleep, but woke up suddenly from pain - pain from extreme cold.

She screamed.

"Hey guys! Look what we got here. It's the doom shit! Fucking bitch was hiding here."

It was the town children Redyan had been running from all day. In the extreme cold of the winter, Redyan was almost stiff from being out in the cold for so long. What had woken her up was the icy water that the children had thrown over her.

"Please...Stop. It’s so cold. I’m freezing!"

But to the children, this was something of an encouragement. They saw her, shivering in the cold with her lips blue, with great interest. They took hold of her arms and legs and threw her body into the stream. The stream, not very deep, was icy cold. Redyan

was hurt - even more from the mocking laughs of the children than the extreme cold

that could end her life any minute.

'I hate you all. I hate this town, everything around me. I wish they would all disappear.


At that moment, Redyan passed out, and a fiery red aura burst from her body. The

children were surprised, and backed off. The aura grew bigger, and engulfed

Redyan's body. Then, something began to fall from the sky. They were fiery meteors.

Each time a meteor struck the ground, the area lit up with fire. The children began to

scream and run away, but the fire began to engulf the children and their screams.

The living fire began to spread, spreading with the disgusting smell of burning wood

and flesh. The town was no more.

  • Year 3184 Hellmash Calendar

5-year old Redyan emits unknown magic while being bullied by the town children.

Leaving the Sivab of Hetrel in ashes, she was banished from the town forever.




Legend 02

 Her room was still far away, but he could smell her scent already. A vision of her 

naked body. Billmade shook his head and walked down the hallway. 'Why isn't

anyone here?' The corridor was always full of guards, but there was no one here now.

Finally, he arrived in front of Rabellu's room. After breathing in deep,he knocked on

the door. Rabellu's room began to open slowly in front of his eyes. Inside was a

beautiful room filled with a pleasant yet mysterious light. A faint fragrance began to

wrap around Billmade's body, and there stood Rabellu. On her face was an

expression of desire, so different from the Rabellu he had seen at the temple.

Rabellu's face and shoulder were illuminated by the moonlight, and her naked body

stood waiting under the transparent gown. 'Let this not be a dream. May she stand

there before me always.' Billmade could not dare approach her - her beauty was full

of holiness. So Rabellu came, and her crystal white arms embraced the new temple

knight. Billmade began to feel an ecstasy, and with passion building inside him,

he was led by Rabellu to her bed.


  • Year 3189 Helmash Calendar

17-year old Billmade spends a night with the Goddess Rabellu on the night of

his commission as a temple knight.




Legend 03

 The temple knights, shining in their golden armor, began to draw their swords. The 

circle of swords began closing in on the people. The young chief stood out and began

to plead. "Goddess Rabellu, this is about my child and me. Please leave the other

townspeople alone..." "No, chief. Rubal is our child. Please my goddess, may the child

live." "Ha! You??re your life for your child? How pitiful. Kill them. Kill them all! This is

the punishment to the silly humans who would dare break the order of God..." The

cold smile of the prime god Rabellu radiated a cold breeze around her. In the bright

daylight, shining swords began to hack and slash. If it weren't for the screams of the

falling people, it might have looked like a dance of the light spirits. The silver swords

and the golden knights were dyed with the awful red of blood in short time. The

knights closed in on the group of people and slaughtered them. The young woman at

the center of the circle hugged the child in her arms, as if to protect him. "Please, my

goddess... Have pity on us..." The young mother's cries made no difference. The

sword came down on her.


Rubal was drenched with sweat when he suddenly woke up. He looked around him,as if

to find something. It was already night. He had returned to his home after 6

months. Kwaon was sleeping on the rocking chair in the corner of the room. Rubal has

been dreaming the same nightmare for almost a week now. He is now afraid to go to sleep,

as he can almost see the scene just by closing his eyes. Rubal clenched his fist,

and blood began to flow from it.

"I'll kill you all. Just as you have done to me..."


  • Year 3198 Helmash Calendar

19-year old Rubal had disappeared while on a training journey in Bemerden.

After returning to his home after 6 months, he vows revenge on the Gods.




Legend 04

 "Shit, life is like that, you know? This ****ing world! Yeah, yeah... You want a piece of me? Just try it!" People tried to avoid the man who was drunk up to his neck and screaming like a madman. He was Billmade. He needed more drinks. He needed to kill the many thoughts rising from his head. Yes, alcohol was exactly what he needed. He went into a dirty tavern. He fell on a table, and put out a gold piece. The waitresses avoided him at first, but looking at the gold, they came rushing to him. They were crawling all over Billmade. He played around with their breasts and felt their butts, all while drinking as much as he could. "You look like a knight, but your manners are no better than shit." A knight in flashing uniform was standing next to Billmade, looking down at him with a mocking sneer. Billmade looked up at him once and spat the drink he had in his mouth. He began to bellow. "Manners? So, what is a fancy knight like you doing at a dirty slut bar like this? If you call that knightly manners, just give it to these girls here for a tip. Yeah, you can stick it right between their tits! Hehe." Billmade's hand was busy feeling the bosom of a waitress who was sitting on his lap. The knight turned red with anger and threw Billmade to the other side of the room. Billmade had no strength to get up, and lay there while blood flowed from his head. Yet, he began to giggle, louder and louder. Some of the people looked at him with pity. Others were mocking him. Nobody saw the blue ring that symbolized a temple knight that was on the finger of this laughing stock of a knight. 




Legend 05

 The calm lake held the red sunset on its surface. The calm was very welcome. In fact, this calm in the midst of the battlefield felt so strange that it almost felt like a luxury. Kwaon wanted to leave Redyan alone to let her do her thinking, but her low voice caught a hold of him. "If your child is growing inside a woman you love, and if a renowned prophet told you that the child will drive this world into chaos... If that child will be responsible for the death of you, your loved ones, and thousands of people... If that is indeed true. Do you think you would be able to protect your child? Protect the child from the criticism and mocking of the people? The stones that they will throw?" Kwaon did not reply. He only watched the expression on Redyan's face. Redyan stopped talking for a moment, as if to hear the rushing sounds of soldiers preparing, and the joyful sounds of the insects. "A foolish woman ignored the warning and gave birth to the child. As according to prophecy, that woman died while giving birth, and the child burned her town and its townspeople to ashes. That child, now an adult, is still going around killing many people. I truly believe that child is the doom child. That child should never have been born." Now, Kwaon started to talk. "That child... The so-called doom child. That child saved my life once. And she continues to save the lives of many others. There is nothing in this world that should not have been born. Moreover, there is nobody who can say something shouldn't be born." Redyan kept her gaze on the lake. Darkness was falling on the lake, and the lights from the soldiers' camp was falling on Redyan. The lake, Redyan, and the lights formed an unforgettable scene that was so lonely yet beautiful. 



Legend 06

 Billmade thrust his sword into the heart of the last enemy. Without stopping to rest, he ran directly to Redyan. She was bleeding... Bleeding a lot. Why did she have to jump out like that? Redyan was breathing in small gasps. Some monsters carried poisoned weapons. If she was hurt by one of them, she may not have much time left. He kneeled beside her and examined her wounds. No poison. Billmade tried to stop her bleeding with the scarf on his neck. Briefly, his thoughts went to what had just happened a few minutes ago. Billmade wasn't sure how long he could hold off these monsters if they kept increasing in number. They kept coming and coming. He kept slashing away, but the wave of monsters would not stop. He had his back to a cliff, and he couldn't back off anymore. Shit... Just then, a big ray of light fell from the sky and hit the group of monsters that were about 10 feet away from Billmade. A disgusting smell of burning flesh was spreading. Redyan? Redyan came up to Billmade in an instant. As if to protect him, she stood in front of him and began to attack the monsters. The lightning falling from the skies electrified the whole area around Redyan and Billmade. And... "Chief Billmade!" Billmade looked up and saw the soldiers running up to him. He looked down at Redyan once more. He felt her forehead which was running with sweat. The fever was enormous. He once heard that severe use of magic can cause fevers that threaten the life of the mage. She was also bleeding too... "You must live... You will prevail." Billmade whispered under his breath, and then greeted the soldiers. "Chief Billmade, are you... Oh my! Master Redyan!" "Don't create a fuss. She's not dead yet. Take her to the barracks and treat her wounds." The shocked soldiers began to move Redyan, but Billmade began to walk towards the barracks as if he didn't care. 





Legend 07

 "My Goddess Rabellu... ..." When the Mad God Khater approached Rabellu, she was looking inside a glass tube with a mysterious expression on her face. "Do you know how many losses you have caused?" Rabellu opened her lips to talk. In Egonil, not only were many soldiers lost, but Khater himself was badly injured in the battles. Now, tense with fear, his wounds ached once again. "The foe was a force to be reckoned ... ..." "The foe? Bah! They are only petty humans. How could a God fear humans? How dare you call yourself a God?" "Ah... No, no. I will never make such a mistake again. Please give me one more chance ..." "Shut up! If I shall see you again under similar circumstances, that will be the end of you." Khater, relieved at another chance he had received, now grew curious to where he was. It was a plain room, but what caught Khater's eyes was the glass pillar that was filled with fluid and emitting strange rays of light. He looked in the tube, and saw the corpse of a naked woman floating in the fluid. Her abdomen had been cut open, and the intestines were flowing out. The arms and legs were severed from the body, but they were mysteriously floating at a certain distance from the body. The long black hair of the woman were dancing as if they were alive. Khater was shocked, and looked at Rabellu. "Hah! So you are a male too. You do recognize her, don't you? The bitch that despised all species other than the petty human race. The little bitch is long dead, but her face still shines with lust, don't you think?" Khater finally realized who that woman was. The mother of Rabellu. Rabellu had killed her own mother and kept the body exactly the way she had died. It was like a hunter's souvenir. "Isn't it great for a victory prize? I wish to fill this room with stuff like this." Khater thought back of the day that was so cruel and stained with blood, and shivered. Rabellu smiled brilliantly looking at the shivering God. 


  • Year 3214 Helmash Calendar

12th year of the War Against the Gods. The rebel army succeeded in injuring the Mad God Khater in the Bemeden Battle at Egonil, but the first knight Kwaon took fatal injury, which forced them to their first retreat.





Legend 08

 "**** it... I can't stand it anymore. We're fighting the Gods! Dammit, we don't have a chance." A fair-haired soldier looked as if he made up his mind, and threw down his armor. He opened the barracks door and ran out. He ran into a heavy body, and fell down. "My...my lord Rubal ..." "So... We are fighting the almighty Gods... So... We can't win? " The fair-haired soldier froze upon hearing Rubal's low voice. "Go home, boy. We do not need your weak sword that cannot guard our faith... Let alone your family!" Was this their limit? Has their stamina run out? Leaving behind the nervous whispers of his soldiers, he looked up at the sky, fists clenched. It was time. The time to end this war had finally come. "Tomorrow! Tomorrow, we will have our final battle. This tiresome war will end tomorrow. Whether we win or..." Rediyan was standing beside Rubal, and Rubal could see the rebellion flag flying high in the wind behind her. The strong waves of the flag made Rubal's heart beat faster, and his eyes blazed, like a field that was on fire. 'It's payback time. We will not fall back like this.' "My lord, we should return to the barracks. Your knights are awaiting you." Rubal saw how beautiful Redyan stood in front of him. He moved two steps forward, never making a sound. He opened his lips to talk. "... We will win. This victory will end this war..." 




Legend 09

 "Argh!" Kwaon tried to raise himself up, but fell again. ??I'm in deep shit now.' The bleeding from his waist made him dizzy and his vision became fuzzy. He grasped his sword once more, and stood up as he saw the approaching Goddess. "You seem to take the pain pretty well." "What did you do to Rubal?" "Rubal... You are at the last minute of your life, and you think of Rubal? You are a unique human indeed. " The Goddess, full of confidence, showed her back to Kwaon, and stood looking at the place Rubal had disappeared. "What if there is a way to save Rubal's life?" "...He would not die." "Haha... It really pains me that you are a foe. Oh, you have your price to pay. I wouldn't worry about Rubal at this moment. Think about it. Would Rubal come running with his sword for you? Under these circumstances, that is." "Shut your jabbering." The Goddess turned to face Kwaon once again, and a wide smile spread on her lips. She spread out her arms, and the ground began to shake. Rocks that were lying around began to fly up, and when there were enough rocks to block out the sky, they began to fall on Kwaon as if it was a rain shower. Bombarded by the rocks, Kwaon began to lose consciousness, but felt a pleasant feeling coming over him. He thought of the day he had first met Rubal... That sunny day on the field. He could never forget the Rubal's shy smile as he hid behind Lesherd's robe. "My name is Kwaon. Kwaon Wolfrech. What is your name?" "... Rubal... I'm just Rubal." 


  • Year 3219 Helmash Calendar

17th year in the War against the Gods. Battle at Castle Hetrel. All members of the Legendary Knights were missing in battle




Legend 10

 "That child ... ..." "Yes, my master. She cannot see. The young one was living in the forests by herself." Billmade looked at the little girl who was examining the flowers that were on the flower bed of the Great Wizard Lardsbid's house. "She saved my life, and I don't want to leave her alone in the dangerous forest... So, I would like to ask you a favor, sir... I don't know if you'll believe me, but that girl can distinguish herbs even though she cannot see. If that ability could be any help... No, even if she isn't of any help to you, she will be able to run some errands for you. I'm sorry, but I cannot take her around..." Lardsbid kept watching the little girl's movements without saying a word. "Sir... I am always asking favors of you..." "No, not at all. This isn't a favor at all. You've just introduced a good friend for a lonely old man. Ho ho. So, how long are you going to keep living like this?" Billmade drank the tea that was in front of him in one gulp and stood up. A bitter smile flashed on his face. He wished that he could have just died there. Only if that girl hadn't saved him... "I should be leaving now. Hey, little girl... Listen to this old man well, OK?" The girl approached Billmade without any sign of groping. Billmade kneeled down to the girl's eye level. The girl spoke nothing, just as she had when they had first met. "I must go now. The place I'm going is too far, and the way is too dangerous, and I cannot take you with me. Your name... It was Radiyan right? I'll see you again, Radiyan! " 


  • Year 3194 Helmarsh Calendar

Hetrel. Great Wizard Lardsbid, a friend of Billmade's father, beings looking after the blind girl Radiyan with the asking from Billmade.


Legend 11

 She thought he would be happy to see it. Billmade looked at the simple but delicate necklace that was placed on Radiyan's hand and reached out for it. Suddenly, he made a fist and looked away. He talked as if he had just seen a penny. "... ...Keep it if you want, Radyan. Or just throw it away..." "But, it's something precious to you." Billmade was surprised at Radyan's gaze. But he recovered quickly, and began talking merrily, as if he was joking around. "Nah, I just had it on as a habit. It doesn't feel right if I don't have it on. You know what I mean, right? Now, if that thing was separated from me, it seems that my fate with that necklace has reached its end." "... ..." "Hey, blind girl. Why the sudden anger? I was trying you on, OK? You're a real hard girl to knock over! Wow, I thought I had you this time... Ha ha" "... Fate... Does not reach its end if one side does not let go. You cannot let go of your end yet." A moment of silence overcomes. A silence so deep that even the footsteps of the people have disappeared. What broke the silence was Billmade's long sigh. "You... You see too much. There are things I wish you just wouldn't see. " Billmade pat Radyan's head just as he would pat the head of a child. Then, he walked off. He still ached. His voice gave his pain away. Radyan realized that Billmade's wounds haven't cured a bit since she had first met him so many years ago. It was all the more sorrowful, as she was the only one who could see those wounds. Radyan began walking in the opposite direction, and whispered under her breath as she heard his footsteps fade. "Sometimes I wish I couldn't see anything, too." 





Legend 12

 "Hey, Kwaon! Drink, drink! Why the long face when you're in front of all this to drink? You weren't always like that were you?" Just what is this guy anyway? Old man Laisherd said this guy's OK, and will be of help, but I just don't get him. Just look at his pretty face and lovely conversation skills! He must have had a load of women by now. We can feel a sharp force in this guy. It seems like he doesn't know a bit about seriousness, but there's no way to know. Is that force going to be of help? Can't know. That's why this guy cannot be trusted fully...Yet. Kwaon drank the drink in front of him in one gulp and put the cup down. Is fighting the Gods his real fate? Is it unavoidable? Rubal felt Kwaon's stare, and held up his bottle, making a smile. "Yes, big brother. Today, we shall drink. Who can say when we will ever have a merry feast like this again?" Kwaon felt proud, seeing Rubal messing around with the waitresses, but it also felt awkward. Yes, we will drink today. We have a long road in front of us, so today, we will take a rest. This rest may be our last one. We have been in endless tension, preparing for our big task lying before us. Yes, we will rest today. Even if that homo-freak Billmade leads a pack of temple knights against us tomorrow, even if Rubal runs out right now demanding Rabellu's neck, let's just take this time to rest a bit... Just for today... 




Legend 13

 The feeling of the flesh and bones on the end of the sword. The revolting smell of blood. I should be getting used to this by now. But I can never get used to the foul smell of their blood. Never... Just how many are left anyway? Billmade pulled his sword from the monster's body, and looked around, trying to get a grasp of the situation. Seeing the monsters crawling in endlessly made his hair stand on an end. Billmade grasped his sword firmly and ran forward. His lethal blade slashed away at the head, heart, arms, and legs of the monsters. He can hear the screams of young soldiers. Those who have lost their sisters, fathers, and mothers have arisen, and in their hands are swords and spears. At an age when they should be hanging out with friends and spending time with girls. Instead, they are fighting with their lives. Billmade saw young soldiers who were being ripped to pieces and having their eyes dug out. An image that was overlapping in front of him was the image of that son of a bitch. If only it hadn't been for... "Get down, Bill!" With the thundering shout of Kwaon, Billmade felt something fly over his head and dig deep into the tree next to him. It was Kwaon's axe. A monster was stuck on the tree along with the axe. The monster's body from the waist down had been removed by the force of the axe, and reddish black blood was splattered all over. "Hey, Bill my man! Get a hold of yourself. This is a battlefield, you know." Kwaon had already recovered his axe and began attacking the monsters around him again. What a bear of a man. "Well, so I gave you a chance to repay your debt. I thought you would like to rid yourself of that burden." "Frigging crazy" "Yeah, yeah! Let's go!" Billmade slapped Kwaon on the shoulder and began slaughtering monsters again at an unbelievable speed and accuracy. Yeah, I'll kill you. Just wait and see. I'll make you regret that you have ever mocked me. 





Legend 14

 "What is this? What is everyone doing here?" Billmade approached the group with his usual chattering. Everyone had gathered, as if there had been an appointment. This is the forest of Hetrel, where everyone had gathered in one place for the first time. This is also the place where lardsbid used to live. This is the first day of conquering Hetrel. Why did this place suddenly come up to our minds? "I was wondering where everyone went! You left all the booze back there, you know. OK, so guess what? I brought the booze for you!" Billmade threw a large bottle in front of Kwaon and Rubal. Rubal and Kwaon stare at the bottle for a moment, and smile at each other. "That smile, I don't like. Hey, Rubal! Our great king! Let's have a drink, shall we? Come to think of it, I'm kinda sorry we left our little girl back there by herself." Kwaon began to laugh, but felt something behind him. Radyan was already there. In one hand, she held a tasty smelling stew. In the other, she held a bottle of Lardsbid's favorite booze. "I think Lardsbid stopped by here not long ago. Or maybe he actually lived here up to recently..." "Hey, Bill. Radyan was the first one to come here. It's really her home, you know." Rubal started to giggle, and gave poured some drinks for Billmade, Kwaon, and Radyan. This was the first castle. Next would be Heisend, and then Egonil. The casualties in conquering Hetrel were less than we had expected. If everything could turn out this way... If only it was this easy... Rubal held up his cup, and looked at his friends one by one. "Let's just keep on like this. I know it'll be harder as we go along, but I hope you will all stay with me until the end." "So sentimental all of a sudden? Hey, drink up!" The night was getting deeper. The temperature was pretty low, and they were in the midst of Hetrel forest, famous for its wild animals. However, they were feeling so comfortable and warm. 


  • Year 3206 Helmash Calendar

Hetrel. Rubal's rebel army takes over Hetrel after the Sivav battle, on its 4th year of uprising.





Legend 15

 "No!" Radyan's scream rang out, and Kwaon lifted the handle of his blade to block Rubal's sword. Kwaon stared directly into Rubal's furious eyes and talked in a low, but undeniable voice. "We must stop, my lord... This is the end..." As Rubal drew back his sword after continuous test of strength between the two, Radyan collapsed to the ground. "What in hell are you doing, Kwaon? How dare you block the way of our lord... The lord who shall become the sky!" Rubal had attacked with his sword, but Billmade wasn't intimidated in the bit. He was staring at Rubal with an expression of contempt. Rubal, who had his back turned on his colleagues, turned his face over his shoulder, and looked at them. "If you are disappointed... If the fact that I am a Heiren and not a pure human being can be a problem... Leave me. I will not ask anything of you." Rubal walked out of the room. Silence took over. "Kwaon... You knew, didn't you?" "Rubal... He lost his parents to them. All his neighbors... They died because of him." "You know that's not what I'm talking about! Rubal isn't himself anymore. What makes him so much different from those who rally monsters out to the battlefield and Rubal who sends confused humans out to the battlefield? You know that's why Laisherd left us." Neither Kwaon, who was blazing with anger, nor Radyan, who had just stood up, could say anything to Billmade's words. Although they didn't say anything, they knew what he said was true. They had known it for some time now. 





Legend 16

 What makes those foolish humans so brave? How could they support their wounded comrades even as their lives are at stake? Where does that strength come from? Rabellu felt her hair stand on an end as she heard the cries of a young man hugging the corpse of a comrade. What a disgusting feeling. The monsters that are crawling all over this land in the name of the Holy Army do not have those strengths. Not even I have that. 'Comrade ... ...' Rabellu looked around at the other Gods, who were looking at the battle between humans and monsters from a good distance away. "They have those foolish feelings because they're so weak. If they had the strength of even a monster, they couldn't be doing that. Isn't that right, Deneroo?" Puleinyl made a small ball of water and flung it towards Deneroo. Deneroo didn't even look in that direction and made a shield of fire to block the water bullet. Puleinyl is delighted at the sound of water burning in the fire. Disgusting soul. Are they all thinking the same thing? "That is the strength that enabled them up to here. Not survival of the fittest, but co-existence of the strongest. That is one of the things we must watch out for. It may be the greatest thing we have to fear. Now, we are left with the final battle. We will be able to end all this on the morning of the day after tomorrow. Now, we shall be able to sleep without hearing the tiresome clash of steel everyday." Deneroo practically spat out these words in her unique cold voice, and turned towards the forest. 'After this war is over, we cannot leave those humans as they are. Who knows when they will try something like this again? We need to brew up something.... So that they will never bother us again.' 


  • Year 3221 Helmash Calendar

Gadesrube. A New Divine Order is announced under the order of Rabellu. Humans may only live in the Egonil area.


EPISODE 4 ( wedeoteu )


The exact location was unknown, the darkness that was estimated to be deep in the empire of darkness wedeoteu

In fact, associated with the weather updates from the ground helmaswi segyesu silbadu (Sliveradoo) were located near the roots of that place 'black spider'

gariwojyeo by the web was fine. High, black walls, with the cover of east from west of the city, the weather of this city, and Silva, two of the roots of

web neupeuro of oblivion forever, you never know which are surrounded by the amazing fact that the weather to update egonil, heteurel, even heyijendeu

Kadesh is the way to go to Roubaix.

No light, only the kingdom of the underworld, the only natural phenomenon of the weather update in the dark all of a swirling snowstorm of unknown origin.

The update of the sky, the weather looks likely to take sikeomeon domgwado is covered with mud. Also, name unknown, even the bones of many animals and mamul

jeulbi, and every once in a while a rake deulryeooh the dismal sound of laughter and chalranggeori Hakan always calmly to the castle of the ruler ulpyeo

spreads weather update. At the same time, those that govern the weather update had to have known the darkness of the Dark Lord of the Knights of the segyesu

Silva Hakan two tteobatchigo of the continent to record the history and destiny of the people 'black spider' the web, as well as through wedeoteu helmaswi

a voice to people in power. For his presence to many of the story Saturday, the most persuasive story Hakan disappeared in the Iron Age and rubal seolyida

It's dark eungjiphan.

That constellation now wearing the armor, armor, non-black skull wearing a green flash, the dark lord of the sword across the back Hakan against this fact,

Rabelru, Wood, early Kadena 10000, Annex, Article, Annex, Article captainthe irony rabelru rubal King is a human. Hakan's also staying in the darkness of

the dark tower disguised Real Fake Dark Tower tapdeuleul is known to pass.

However, anyone can not know for sure that even as the tower existence, users do not come back alive.


Episode 4 Map Information



Sideuhe:- Barto, kerideu, radasitu, erinyu


1st hamucheu:- Kikimo, edition, rilrim, yisina


2nd hamucheu:- Oki, the yulkin, Kobe, Al yisina


3rd hamucheu:- Kinireutan, seukegeu, Wood, D. yisina


REAL Dark Tower:- Hakan, Kwan, Skull Article




Kadesh's Castle Celestial :


Somewhere in the sky, the sun of the continent helmaswi not always be the sky is literally hanging.

The castle was built in the red sky of the sky megalith, a beautiful castle deotchildoen white color, pearl, light pole, and various kinds of transparent

flowers manbalhae is known as a sky garden. That there floating above the clouds dudungsil katereu, deneru, purenil, Roubaix rabelru is Kadesh, and the


Kadesh is the feast of light ohsaekchanranhan Roubaix literally inside the shrine. From the entrance to the wide, long crushed carpet not to mention all the

things in the world byeokmada chijangdoen gadeuthada of the most beautiful jewelry. Golden shrine in the remote helmaswi rabelru in the garden and pet

animals and plants extinct mamul and are playing a free run. Their peers in the center of the pond, a beautiful water plants that bloom in a rainbow of

light mulangae achieve fountain and the underground world of wihe salpigi sympathy for the weather update and matdatah life of the place is a fountain of

joy deuleodabol a clairvoyant.

Unlike the beautiful place of Kadesh Kadesh Roubaix Roubaix castle in the sky sealed a place where anyone is free to re-sort.

Hakan of the most powerful gateway to rabelru yeomanly can move only through the room. Room 4 in the first place Roubaix Kadesh to God through encounter

'sky garden' is the pyeolcheo. God of the sky to symbolize each of 4 garden statues, and statues around the room you can move the gods. Note that, once

inside, he lives in Roubaix Kadesh never can get out of this place is true. Therefore, users with challenges dangyeoldoen they regret, if you seem to

be a big step that will have to take.


Episode 5 Map Information



Katereu Room :- Katereu, rapaka, katereusang, early Kadena wooreu


Deneruui Room:- Deneru, Phoenix, erinyu, yireukede Ken


Purenilui Room:- Purenil, hoeteu, hildeutu El Hagar early Kadena


Rabelru Room :- Rabelru, Wood, early Kadena 10000, Annex, Article, Annex, Article captain