A3 mmorpg Wiki

Remember the MapInfo.ini files?

Map50=0 .... Map76=1 .... etc. etc.

The number next to the map is the ID of the corresponding Zoneserver.

So, let's say you want to have an event for a grnita map or any other of your choice.

a) You make a new folder like "mysuperevent" and put all your ZS files in there

b) You edit the monster spawn files, item drops, exp etc.

c) Then you change the svrinfo.ini in your event folder and change the ID and port number of this Zoneserver

d) You add this to your ZoneAgent

e) Change the Mapinfo.ini files and set the map like this

Map<Number>=<New ZS ID>

f) Make the appropriate changes in teleport.txt and WL.ULL

g) Start the new Zoneserver and teleport to your new map.

Enjoy your new event!