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Item Slotting (Done through Episode 5 npc)

Codes For Gems
9834 to 9851

Yellow Gems can be used with Armor ---Gem Codes: 9834 to 9839
Red Gems can be Used with Unque Necklace --- Gem Codes: 9840 to 9845
Blue Gems can be used with Unique Rings --- Gem Codes: 9846 to 9851

Codes For Unique Necklace : 4156 to 4159
Codes For Unique Rings : 5184 to 5187

Codes For Items To be Used in Armory Slot : 9831, 9833, 9853, 9854

Codes For items to be used in Improve Set Slot:
9832 9852, 9855, any appropriate gem.

Now Coming to The Slotting Part
Armory slot is for putting unique option to normal Armor part so that you can add other unique option to armor by using improve set slot(not the gloves,helmet, pants,shield or boots)

Now put the armor, unique ring or unique necklace in Improve set slot + 3 Items needed and the appropriate gem. It will give you a unique option.
NOTE:- There are total of 6 gems of each colour but you can use maximum 3 gems on 1 item only. All 6 gems can't be used used on single item.

Increasing Item Level

The higher the level, the shinier it gets and it's combat capability will increase accordingly.
To view item level, simply mouse over the item and a box displaying the item information will appear. The red circled value indicates the item level.

Here are the materials that will help you up the item levels:

Material     To be used for     Risk factor        
Degrade Jewel     Reduce level     None       
Upgrade Jewel     level 1 - 5     Success 100%        
Small Master Stone     level 6 - 8     If fail, item goes back to level 1       
Large Master Stone     level 6 - 10     If fail, item goes back to level 1       
Small Juego     level 6 - 8     If fail, item goes back to level 1       
Large Juego     level 6 - 10     If fail, item goes back to level 1       
Treasure of Destruction
Grade 8 and above
Weapons only    level 11 - 15     If fail item breaks and disappears
(Only for grade 8 and above weapons)        
Formula for crafting of Treasure of Destruction (TOD):
Step 1: 4 Large Master Stone + 2 X Large Juego = Stone Of Hope (100% Success)
Step 2: Rune 1, 2, 3, + 5 Large Master Stone + Stone Of Hope = TOD (Not 100% Success)       
Note: Juegos have the same properties of Master Stones, but it is rumoured to have higher success rates when used.     
Increasing Elemental Attributes

Elemental attribute contains 3 elements that will aid you in defense and offense.
They can be mounted only only 3 items: Weapon, Armour, Shield.

The Simply click on the elemental jewels, drop it into your armour, weapon or shield to add the elements.
Each time you drop one jewel into your items, the element value is randomly generated.