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One can easily guess the codes for a box of a particular items..!! Lemme explain how..!!

Let us consider a Box of UJ's..!! The Code is 17;1644544;659990;0 The Code for UJ is 6144 The Code for A Storage Box is 17

So if we didnt know the code for the box, we could form it like this. 17 (code of storage box);164 (constant)45(61{from UJ Code}-16{constant value})44(last 2); Item ID; Item Slot So basically the code ends up to be 17;16445144;Item ID;Item Slot

This works for all. Why do we have to substract 16 - thats a long story and not necessary here..

For eg now, you need to make a box of Peridots, now how do we get it..? The code for Peridot is 8417. SO the box will be 17;164 (constant) 68 (84-16) 17;Item ID; Slot So the code for the box of peridots is 17;1646817;Item ID; Slot

Same way Soul of Silbadu is 9685, so box code is 17;1648085;Item ID; Slot

Hope this helps..

And as for the Item ID slot - you could use ... 131845 - universal box code.. :D

Credits: Ins@ne http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/items-x100-226968/#post2023576