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Codes of unique setsCombination Formulas for Adding "Bless" & "Reduce Requirements by (%)" options at Weapons or ArmorCombination Formulas for Adding Basic Attack Power for Weapons or Basic Defence for Armor
Combination Formulas for Adding Element Attributs to Rings or AmuletsCombination Formulas for Adding Options to ArmoursCombination Formulas for Reloading Element Values of Rings or Amulets
Combination Formulas for Reloading Option Values of ArmourCombination formulas for transmuting itemsCombination formulas for upgrading items by grade
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How to edit character skills in DBHow to make an event for specific map or mapsHow to modify EXP rate of server
How to rename an accountITM filesItemCombinationData explained
Item slotting and levelsItems x100 (Boxes of 100 items)Levelling shue after 100 through sql code editing.
Maps List & PositionsMax elementals on itemsMaximum armor options
Message DAT Files explainedModify drops from monstersMonster Information and others
NPC RelationsPHP Script to check if your A3 server is onlinePassive skills per class
Player guidesPrizeevent.ini translationQuest DAT files
Restrict access to a user (BAN) and display reason in clientRings & NecklacesServer Guide
Server Message TranslationsServer statistics "Who is logged in"Server statistics - How many classes per town
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Wz to Gold and Gold to Wz
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