A3 mmorpg Wiki

In order to make your items so called MAXED you have to make a few calculations and add the number to the second part of the item code.

For example lets say we have a mage staff: 1234;1000;123456 which has no options for Fire,Ice,Light

Fire elemental calculation : 1.048.576 * 63 = 66.060.288

Ice elemental calculation: 16.384 * 63 = 1.032.192

Light elemental calculation: 67.108.864 * 63 = 4.227.858.432

After we did our math we have to calc the total : 4.294.953.263

Now we are ready to put the code in the item (we add the 2nd part of the item code to the above total we calculated):

1234; 1000 + 4.227.858.432;123456

You do this math yourselves :)