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What on earth is Relations

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There is a "rumor" called NPC relations which affects the character in general. Well, it's not a rumor, various in-game actions affect the way the NPCs "feel" about your character. What can't be easily proved is what someone gains or loses if he is doing his best to achieve maximum relations with NPCs?

I was wondering what happens with NPC Relations in general and how the game converts my actions to points, so I decided to make a new char and start checking relations according to various things I did in game.

I made a new char and "cheated" to make him lvl 145 , afterwards I started doing stuff. Click the image on the right to see what happened after each action.

As a general rule, it seems that relations have a max of 32k points, various actions in game affect the points you get. e.g. Selling items to NPC, doing quests etc.

Quest & relations

Quest relations

Now check out the relations with Yarrno as I completed or quit a few quests. With the red font it shows the first time I quit a quest. Apparently this will follow me for my whole game life. The figure changes completely and now I am kind of stigmatized as a "quest quitter", I am not sure how this affects my character but it surely is there for a reason.

After finishing quest I tried some "combination" and had success upgrading a G7 to G8 and right after that I tried to make G8 mounted and succeeded to that too. Unfortunately Yarrno didn't care much about my success and that didn't affect my relations with him.

Afterwards I checked out the "Disk Of Jaloch" quest but decided not to take it cos it seemed difficult to do. So, it seems that Yarrno doesn't mind if you decide not to start a quest, but he surely minds when you quit it.

At the end you see I started and quit or completed few quests and how that affected my relations.

PK & relations

Now I tried to do some PK and see what happens with my relations.

Warlord Before PK (T pk T)      152895488

Warlord After PK (T pk T)       155648000

Sell root of shibadu to Petbren 155648000

PK other T char                 155648000

T char pk Q char                155648000

Kill Renias                     155648000

Die from Q Char                 155648000

Only the first time I pked someone one of the NPCs was affected, but I don't know who this NPC is and if that was good or not.

== ==

The big question remains, how all this affects the character in general.

The next time I will try the following scenarios:

Craft G9, G10

If you have more information (with proof) on NPC relations then either post them here or in http://forum.ragezone.com/f98/