A3 mmorpg Wiki

In the DB backup files released with the 219 files there is a table missing, that table is named "CharInfo"

The table is automatically updated by Accountserver so you don't have to do anything else, only create the table in your ASD database:


CREATE TABLE [dbo].[CharInfo](

[AccountID] [char](21) NULL,

[ServerIdx] [char](2) NULL,

[CharName] [char](21) NULL,

[CharType] [char](2) NULL,

[Nation] [char](2) NULL,

[default] [char](10) NULL


As you see, you will then be able to show in your server website how many ppl are in Temoz and how many in Quanato, how many of them are Mages,Archers,HKs,Warriors.


P.S. The first time you create it, it's not going to update the existing users you already have in your server. You are going to have to do this by hand. For every new user created, the table will be automatically updated.