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Summary on the quest

1. A girl.

2. Vemerdan, peushinner entrance.

3. Meet redyan.

4. Find parents relics.

5. Solve the secret of the door.

6. Solve the secret of the fire pillar.

7. Pass the path of death.

8. Talk to the girl.

Doing the quest


1. Should have completed special quest (1-2).

2. Lore 20000.

3. Quest scroll (2-1).


1. 2-1 is supposed to be the hardest of all the special quest as it not only requires skills but also brains .

2. You need to solve two puzzles in this special quest this special quest opens the way to grnita heath .

3. The puzzles are not so easy , one is a jigsaw puzzle known as Rabellus omate design and the other one is a peg puzzle or Chinese checker puzzle in which you need to remove the pegs until only one peg remains.

4. All these patterns of puzzle and peg keeps changing each time you do the quest .

5. You need a party of four people to do the quest.

6. I would recommend mages for this quest as you have less time and a mage can sed and move fast compared to any other character.

7. The quest begins in vemerdan deep inside the Vermedan Temple or u can say from where you can go to pueshiner there the Goddess Rubells comes.

Doing the quest

1. Go to vemerdan and activate the special quest a Npc of Goddess Rubell appears after talkin to the Npc you are warped or teleported into a room "Chapel" where you see Rubell 12 years before as a little girl .

2. Talk to the Npc or Little Girl.

3. Now you need to find two things "Moms Ring" and "Fathers dagger" you have 5 mins .

4. There are four corners in the room full of Berkerrs dont worry these Berkerrs aren't hard and don't do much damage you can kill them with even with fury of thor if you are a mage.

3. After finding the two things "Moms Ring" and "Fathers dagger" run back to the Npc and click on it or submit it .

4. Now you need to search the secret door , there is a secret door located on one of the walls of the four corners and its always at one place 80 142 the only thing is you need to know the place.

5. When you find the secret door you need to solve the Rabellus puzzle you got 5 min to solve it. Hopefully if you have succeeded then good u can proceed further else give a next try .

6. Now if you have solved you can go on further a mini movie is shown and then you are given a peg puzzle or Chinese checker puzzle "Fireplace" .

7. You have one min to complete the puzzle . This is as far as i have done it .

8. If you succeed in completing the peg puzzle or Chinese checker puzzle you are now on "Path of death" , its a small passage filled with cynik and you need to run or walk past them you cannot use any skills there or kill the cynicks as they have infinite hp.

9. At the end of the path there is a painting which u have to complete.

10. In order to complete it you must gather "Eight Mural Engravings". All the engravings are unique and they can be gathered by hitting the "Statues of Doubt "

11. Each "Statue of Doubt" has a Symbol engraved on it you need to remember that symbol and its "Mural Engraving" which you have received from it.

12. After collecting the engravings you need to place all those eight engravings in eight slots. There will be a key at the bottom using that you need to place the "Engraving of the Statue of Doubt" with those symbol respectively.

13. In this way complete the painting and click ok , if you have placed all the engravings correctly you are then teleported to the girl npc talk to the girl and your quest is complete. 14. The quest is not as easy as it sounds , the cynicks are always after you one or two hits you will be dead and there your quest ends .


1. Small Juego

2. Large Juego

3. Lore 100000

4. Experience 10000000

Hidden Rewards

1. If you are the first one to complete the special quest (2-1) in the server than congrats you have opened the way to grnita heath . (If supported in the server you play)

Screen shots

1. Killing Berkers to obtain the "Fathers Dagger" and "Mothers Ring".


2. The Secret Door


3. Rabellu's puzzle


4. Chinese checker puzzle or peg puzzle


5. Path of Death


6. Walk on the path of death


7. Statue of doubt


8. Engravings on statue


9. The paintings


10. Eight Paintings , eight slots


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