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Summary on the quest

1. Appeal of soul.

2. Start at denherr.

3. Kill Deneris.

4. Obtain keys.

5. Crush denerrian

6. Kill phoenix


1. Level 100 .

2. Lore 100000 .

3. Quest scroll (2-2).


1. You need a party of four people.

2. I would recommend a mage who has a very good wipnos skill duration and the rest of the three members can be of your choice , but to do fast kills better be a party of four mages.

3. Special quest scroll in inventory.

Doing the quest

1.The quest starts at denherr temple top co-ordinates 105 96.

2.When you activate the quest you arer warped or teleported into "Temple of Deneroo" and you see the timer tickin u hv like 10 secs run straigth and talk to the fountain of spirits once the talk is completed the party members take there positions in each corners of the map.

3. The Deneris starts to spawn they have very low attck and hp bar so you can kill them easily keep killing them till you obtain all the 10 keys

4. Hand over all the keys to the quest holder the keys have numbers on them and also arithmetic operations tht is addition , multipication and subtraction.

5. Use the Key combinations to make the number 33. The combination will be 9+8-6*3 = 33 or u can also use 4*8+7-6 = 33

6. When your done with this click ok and your again warped or teleported into a room where you can see it filled with denerrians ,these are special denerrian creeps which have infinite hp limit and they cannot be killed by any skills remember that. Don't waste your time trying to strip blast it or use any other skill on it.

7. The only way to kill them is to lure them or bring them into the centre of the map and wipnos them then the quest holder goes to the other end of the map and uses a switch this switch crushes all the denerians standin in the middle.

8. Be carefull when your using the switch no player should be inside else he to gets crushed and dies, its better to do two turns to kill all the denerians.

9. When you are done with killing all the denerians a mini movie is shown and you are warped or teleported into another room with phoenix.

10.Phoenix doesn't have much attack but it has a high hp bar so it mite take some time to kill it .


1. Small Juego.

2. Large Juego.

3. Lore 50000.

4. Experience 5000000

Hidden Rewards

1. Redyan Necklace.

2. If you are the first one to complete special quest scroll (2-1) in the server congrats you have unlocked chlorence.

Screen shots

1. Temple of Deneroo.


2. Taking Positions


3. Obtaining keys


4. Room of Denerians


5. The Phoenix


Credits: A3 Elements guides (a3elements.info)